New Testament Conversion

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The text for New Testament Conversions was developed for a series of radio programs that were broadcast for India over the powerful shortwave station in Sri Lanka. How can people be a part of the Lord’s family and live with the expectation of eternal life with Him unless they learn what is involved in turning away from a life of sin and turning to God? In spite of the fact that the New Testament clearly explains, by command and by example, how we become Christians, there is no other part of Scripture over which greater controversy rages among believers in Christ. For this reason, it is most essential that we make a careful study of what God requires of those who would be His children. Beginning with the establishment of the church as recorded in the second chapter of the Book of Acts, the question of that audience and its answer are analyzed: “Men and brethren, what shall we do?” All, today, who sincerely want to please God must penitently ask the same question and be willing to accept the same answer.

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