Sowing and Reaping and other Fundamentals of the Faith



This book is a compilation of editorials and articles written over long periods of time for local church bulletins and Gospel papers to meet certain needs at the time they were written.  There is no continuity of subject matter except that they are all Bible topics written over a period of more than 50 years.  The best use that can be made of them is to check the table of contents for an article that might be of interest to the reader and refer to it.  These are simple articles that the most uneducated can understand and appreciate.  Some article titles are: Who Is a Wise Man?; Justifying Ourselves: Instrumental Music and the Pioneers; The Baptism That Saves; The Value of Time; and I Will Not Be Negligent. For customers using this title for evangelistic outreach, enter the code OUTREACH6 to reduce orders of 10 or more to $1.50 each plus shipping & handling. This is at or near our cost!

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