Dew Breakers, The

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The Dow Merritts served as pioneer missionaries in Northern Rhodesia, and brother Merritt described this book in this way: “The Dew Breakers is a series of stories of happenings in the lives of a few old school friends who undertook to do pioneer mission work in Zambia. This country derives its name from the great Zambezi River which rises in its northwestern corner. It formerly was called Northern Rhodesia. The author is just an old farm boy. He served several years in the Navy, some of this included World War II days, when he learned something about the care of the sick and injured. He spent some time in the Bible schools at Cordell and Odessa, where he picked up the germ of the missionary idea. This book should be read for enjoyment, but if one looked real hard between the lines, he might find a bit of method…”

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