Carolina Lectures, The (cloth)

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The Carolina Lectures, with which Brother Winters was closely associated as a speaker, are said to be the longest running regional lectureships in the history of the Restoration Movement, the first of which was held in Charlotte, NC in 1945.  “The Carolina Lectures have become a legend in our time,” said brother Winters.  “They are, without much serious doubt, the single most encouraging, edifying, and stabilizing force among the churches of Christ in the Carolinas.  For 35 years they have brought scattered workers together for a few days of spiritual feasting and heavenly fellowship and have sent them back to the work with new zeal and courage.  They are, and have been from their beginning in 1945, a bulwark against the onslaughts of Satan and all his evil forces.”  In this book brother Winters has given the history of the Carolina Lectures and published several formal speeches that he delivered in the lectures.  He has also included three other very helpful chapters: Basic Tools for Bible Study; How to Build a Library; and Read These Men, which gives the background of several contemporary authors and writers of the past.

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