Building a Positive Life, Vol. 2

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At birth, without a choice in the matter, you were enrolled in the Course of Life.  Every day you have attended classes in the University of Hard Knocks.  Some of these courses have been good for you; some have been very discouraging and even harmful.  Chances are that you have some insight into these words spoken by Job: “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble…” (Job. 14:1).  Since your new birth of water and spirit (John 3:1-5), however, things have changed.  You are now a disciple, which means that you are enrolled in His school of growth and service…” (From Building a Positive Life).  Your class will like these books and will want to go on to the second volume after finishing the first one.  In addition to texts dealing with excellent subjects (Limit Your Imitations; A Fast Way to Make An Enemy; Captured By Conscience; Standing on the Inside; etc.), the discussion questions are well developed to encourage a sharing of thought among class members.

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