Blood of Abel, The: Vengeance and the Grace of God

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This book is specifically centered on the working out of God’s vengeance in the context of His grace toward mankind. Charles White labors to have us understand how this vengeance was indeed involved in the love that saves us. It is written for every Christian able to grasp God’s righteous anger at sin and the link between that legitimate anger and His loving act at Golgotha. After establishing the fact of vengeance in the Bible, The Blood of Abel looks at the principles of impartiality, proportionality, and reciprocity, as described in the biblical text. Then, proceeding from Messianic prophecy to the actual coming of the Messiah, it examines in summary form the multitude of Bible passages describing God’s established pattern of exacting retribution upon mankind. Finally, it shows that God’s announced mission was not simply to apply His vengeance on an unbelieving world, but also to turn this vengeance upon Himself, as the expiatory sacrifice, in order to save mankind. The consequences of refusing this magnanimous gift of God are considered, as well as practical questions inspired by this subject. 90 pages.

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