Grouped In Groups

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Having been a part of group evangelism in Brazil, brother Dickson writes Grouped in Groups from the standpoint of experience as well as careful study of the subject. His book is one of the few on the market dealing with team efforts in the mission field.

Dawn of Belief, The

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We are living in an age of unbelief. Evolution is promoted as a fact. This book will add supportive evidence to your belief in the God of the Bible.

Caribbean Missionary Pilot

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In 1980, Roger and Martha Dickson founded the International School of Biblical Studies in the West Indies, after having done missionary work in Brazil for several years, beginning in 1974.


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An important little book you can carry in your purse or pocket, providing important answers and explanations concerning this vital subject. Chapters include: “The Blood of Jesus,” “Baptism and Church History” and “Baptism into a Covenant Relationship.”

African Missionary Pilot

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As in the Caribbean, Roger took a plane to Africa to enable him to quickly and inexpensively travel throughout much of the continent to conduct seminars and meetings.