From Heaven or Men, Which?

Gifford, Homer

Originally published as separate articles in a secular newspaper, The Bakersfield Californian, the works have now been combined into book form.  The paper had a circulation of 55,000 people, and the articles generated a lot of requests for more information.  Brother Gifford states, “I believe the time has come that we as preachers and teachers need to as never before teach the TRUTH in its simple purity because of the confusion and corruption caused by false teaching.  It is my prayer that many precious souls will learn the truth and be led to our Lord Jesus Christ and His church.  This is the purpose of this book.”  God’s choice or Man’s Choice, Which?; Indisputable Bible Proof!; What Constitutes the New Birth?; Are All Religious People Christians; and What the Bible Teaches About the Spirit are just a few of the chapter titles.  This is an excellent book for non-Christians, as well as Christians. Receive a 10% discount when purchasing 10-24 books of the same title. Receive a 25% discount when purchasing 25 or more books of the same title.