Fire In My Bones, Volume 1

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In this book brother Shipp does a superb job of tracing the theme of missions from Genesis to Jeremiah.  He takes the great characters of the Old Testament, and the powerful stories that are woven around them, to show how God worked in their lives and of the purposes that He had for them.  From those indepth studies, he draws lessons for our times to inform, encourage and to prepare us to go on to greater things for the Lord’s church and for His cause.  This is a book for every member of the family and one that hopefully will be widely read.  Its message is eternal ,and the purpose of it is to edify and to encourage the reader to dedicate his life to God.  Surely it will lead many to a stronger faith and a more fruitful life for the Lord.

Divorce Prevention

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A vital study on preventing divorce, live-in partnerships and single parenthood. Dr. Alan Martin, Family Counselor is the consulting Editor.

There’s No Nut Like a Brazil Nut (hardcover)

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Couple the prayers with the vivid and very well developed account of ten years of team work in Belo Horizonte, and you will know a great deal about the heart of the missionary and the effect of his life.  There’s No Nut Like a Brazil Nut is an evaluation and a summary of work; it is also a re-living of experiences.  “Speaking of family, a strange series of events happened one time at our suburban house.  One morning we discovered that a Voodoo hex had been placed on us.  In our tiny front yard was a partially burnt candle perched in a saucer, and beside it a glass of pinga, Brazilian ‘white lightning’.  I felt that this was a good opportunity to teach the community a lesson, so I placed a rose in a glass and near it a sign saying, ‘A rose with love, in the name of Jesus.’  My little sign was read by everyone who passed, with some grinning and some reacting with fear.  Interestingly, not a single Brazilian would touch, or even approach, these pieces of tableware which remained there until we finally removed them.  A few days later we found a second hex, this time a cigar, part of a dead chicken and several other items buried in the flower bed.  Finally, we came home late one night to find…” (from There’s No Nut Like a Brazil Nut ).

Separate for Me

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Not a single congregation will rise above the plans — or absence of plans — of its eldership! Until churches of Christ plan to evangelize, to start new congregations at home and abroad, very little will be done toward these ends.

God Answers His Mail

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A team of workers moved to Bela Horizonte, Brazil to start the Lord’s church. Among those were Glover and Margie Shipp. For a year, Glover wrote down his prayers, then he noted the answers God gave.

Fire in My Bones, Vol. 3

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Continuing through the New Testament, and reaching to today, Volume 3 shows that God’s redemptive fire has always burned in the hearts of His people, and must also burn in ours.

Fire in My Bones, Vol. 2

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In Volume 1 brother Shipp expressed amazement at the missionary thread throughout the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament. This continues that study, covering the material from Jeremiah to the beginning of the Lord’s church in Acts 2.