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Working for the Lord in Peru (paper)

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Author: Hans J. Dederscheck
Cover: paper
Pages: 186
Brother Dedersheck, born in Germany and married to a Peruvian national, has had wide experience in the mission field.  He served for 16 years in his adopted homeland, during which time 32 congregations of the Lord's church were established.  Since 1980, he and his family have lived in Vienna, Austria, enabling brother Dedersheck to preach on both sides of the "the curtain."  He is fluent in German and Spanish, as well as English, and writes and translates extensively in all three languages.  Working for the Lord in Peru is a study of mission work, born through knowledge of the Peruvian field but of important use in all mission endeavors.  It is a unique blend of text-book type analysis of work and methods, with insights into the missionary life and experience in the country.  "I had the most exciting experience printing and publishing Gospel tracts, Bible studies and Bible courses in Spanish for the Peruvian population...  In one opportunity, we went up to Huancayo, situated in the central Andes; it was six hours by car from Lima.  Our main task was distributing Gospel tracts.  That is what we did and established the first contacts.  Returning to our homes in Lima, we received a letter from a young married man, a member of a Pentecostal church a few miles south of Huancayo.  He received the tracts and Bible studies and was excited.  It was exactly what he had been looking for.  He invited us, and we went up for a Gospel meeting.  The Pentecostal group was so narrow-minded, we felt we did not have any success, and with great disappointment returned to Lima.  We thought that all the work we had done was in vain.  A few days later, this young man came to visit one of our workers at his home and told him that much good came forth of the distribution of Gospel tracts and that the short days of our Gospel meeting were, indeed, a success.  Why?  He wanted to leave the Pentecostals but did not know how.  We, by means of our literature and presence, gave him the courage to make the final decision.  Here we made a first contact through the written page; and as a consequence, established later two congregations of the Lord's church, one in an urban environment and another one in a rural environment." (From Working for the Lord in Peru )

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