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There's No Nut Like a Brazil Nut (hardcover)

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Price: $8.00
Author: Glover Shipp
Cover: cloth
Couple the prayers with the vivid and very well developed account of ten years of team work in Belo Horizonte, and you will know a great deal about the heart of the missionary and the effect of his life.  There's No Nut Like a Brazil Nut is an evaluation and a summary of work; it is also a re-living of experiences.  "Speaking of family, a strange series of events happened one time at our suburban house.  One morning we discovered that a Voodoo hex had been placed on us.  In our tiny front yard was a partially burnt candle perched in a saucer, and beside it a glass of pinga, Brazilian 'white lightning'.  I felt that this was a good opportunity to teach the community a lesson, so I placed a rose in a glass and near it a sign saying, 'A rose with love, in the name of Jesus.'  My little sign was read by everyone who passed, with some grinning and some reacting with fear.  Interestingly, not a single Brazilian would touch, or even approach, these pieces of tableware which remained there until we finally removed them.  A few days later we found a second hex, this time a cigar, part of a dead chicken and several other items buried in the flower bed.  Finally, we came home late one night to find..." (from There's No Nut Like a Brazil Nut ).

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