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Restoring Evangelistic Phenomenon

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Price: $5.00
Author: Roger Dickson
Cover: paper
Pages: 93
Have you noticed that, almost without exception, text books for mission courses taught in our Christian colleges and universities were written by denominational men?  Do such choices silently speak of a lack of respect for the abilities and work of our own brethren?  I believe so, and I would say in response: Capable men among us have written excellent books and have made contributions to our store of mission knowledge and experience that deserve to be used by our teaching brethren.  These books would also immeasurably benefit churches and elderships involved in sponsoring and supporting active mission programs.  Obviously,  the better informed we are on our subject, the better we will be able to do our work.  For those who thought the activities of the church in the first century were far removed from today's situation, Roger Dickson's Restoring an Evangelistic Phenomenon will be a unique view.  Beginning with current thinking in mission practices, brother Dickson ferrets out parallels in the record of the early church.  He delves into their motives, their methods of support, their dealing with local customs and culture, their methods of preaching, their use of legal rights, their training of converts, their follow-up work, etc.  His purpose, though, is to discover the key to the amazing success in their evangelistic efforts, and to spur us to reproduce their successes in the twentieth century.  The book is a pleasure to read and an inspiration to "Go and do thou likewise."

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