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In the Beginning, Elohim

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Price: $8.00
Author: Betty Burton Choate
Cover: paper
Pages: 100

In the Beginning, Elohim is the first of three studies on the Godhead: In the Beginning, Elohim; Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrifice; and The Holy Spirit. Each is developed as a 13-lesson class study, printed in color, in our enlarged (7” X 9.5”) size.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you suddenly woke up on an island, all alone, with no knowledge of anything or anyone else except yourself, with no knowledge of the past and no experience of life, your mind a total blank? You would wonder, “Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? What is this place all around me? Is there a past? Is there a future?”

What a bewildering, horrifying experience that would be! The glorious fact is that we have not been placed in such a knowledge-less vacuum. We have a true record that supplies all of these answers, and any others that would trouble our minds. That record is called the Bible. It opens with the profound statement, “In the Beginning, God” [Elohim, the plural form of the word…]

No, the first verse of Genesis is not speaking of God’s beginning but of the beginning of the measuring of time and of His work within what can only be a moment of eternity. What does the record tell us about this great creative power? Who is He? What is He? How does He relate to us—or more accurately—how do we relate to Him? How does the inspired record define God?

Chapter titles include: In the Beginning, Elohim; In the Beginning Was the Word; The Spirit of God Moved; The Nature of God; The Saga of Creation; Raising Johnny–Raising Tommy; God the Father; History in Scripture; Quotes from Hurting People; Quotes from God; What God Has Promised—What He Has Not Promised; Living with God On His Terms.

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