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World Evangelism is a voluntary associating together of individual Christian men and women and congregations of the churches of Christ for the purpose of world missions. The World Evangelism Team works out of Winona, MS, USA, and each of the families involved there are under the oversight of the their respective overseeing elderships. World Evangelism Literature is essentially the literature aspect of World Evangelism, providing literally tons of biblical literature free to precious souls abroad, as well as making it available at modest prices in the USA to individuals and churches (which helps keep the material in print and makes it possible to distribute it without charge overseas to those recipients). Gospel Gazette Online is the monthly Internet journal of teaching articles, begun in 1999, with archives of thousands of pages accessible with an onsite search engine; it is available without charge worldwide. The Voice of Truth International is a quarterly magazine of short, biblical teaching articles, begun in 1993; thousands of copies are made available without charge to recipients in about 80 countries, and it is available in the USA for a modest subscription (which helps keep TVOTI in print and makes it possible to distribute that journal without charge overseas to those recipients). In addition, the World Evangelism Team in Winona, along with team members in several localities in the USA and in several foreign nations, cooperate to personally take the Gospel of Jesus Christ especially to nations in Asia, Africa and South America.

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